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Excell Fund LLC and its principals have been providing brokerage, management, development, construction, and other support services to a select group of clientele since 1972. Our purpose is to provide professional, hands on, worry free services to commercial & residential real estate investors. Our qualified team of professionals can also make a difference for you. Browse our site and allow us to show you why Excell Fund LLC is "The Real Estate Specialist".

Our Mission:

Our leasing activities center around the representation of national credit tenants. Excell Fund LLC's primary purpose and objective is to purchase, lease, redevelop, asset manage, and eventually sell highly profitable, cash flowing, retail shopping centers. The company concentrates its efforts on the development of contacts with institutional sellers and national retailers. These sellers include banking and lending institutions, SAMDAs, insurance companies, REITs, brokers, and individuals and support procedures that keep us abreast of properties that are available for purchase. By virtue of national recognition and targeted advertising, Excell Fund LLC has a name and reputation for straight dealing in the market. As an active member of organizations such as ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers), Excell Fund LLC has increased exposure and a network of contacts.

The company is committed to the mission of providing a direct, proactive leasing approach to retailers thereby maximizing the energies spent to locate within the market and assure a personal rapport. This attitude saves time and money while exposing the retailer to the owners and brokers of qualified properties.

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