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: Anywhere in the 48 States. Target area South-Eastern Continental USA

Size: Will consider 75,000 square feet or more, target from 125,000 square feet to 250,000 square feet.

Anchors: At least 25% occupancy by national credit tenancies.

Occupancy: At least 50% of net leasable space, although will consider more vacancy with good upside potential.

Traffic: At least 25,000 average cars-per-day.

Demographics: Market area of at least 25,000 population. Median Household income in excess of $15,000 (blue-collar preferred).

Location: Lighted intersection, easy access and visibility. Location should not be truncated from access to residential backup. In smaller markets, must be in primary commercial district.

Conditions: Will consider renovation and re-tenanting opportunities.

Considerations: Credit and term of anchors and tenants, age & quality of construction, environmental, parking, traffic patterns, competition, crime, insurance rating.

Purchase Price: Capped between 10% and 14% (depending upon the upside potential) on existing NOI. Price per square foot should be less than replacement cost.

Terms: Typically 25% down payment. New Loan, Seller Financing, or Cash.

Philosophy: Looking for cash flow opportunities. Will consider bargain-buys, redevelopment opportunities, and large upside potentials. A reliable cash flow is critical. Will purchase mortgages secured by such property.

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