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Excell Fund LLC
aggressively researches the National commercial real estate market. Analysis of properties and current trends enables asset managers to provide professional assistance to real estate investor in the following areas:

  • Property Development
  • Property Acquisition
  • Joint Venture
  • Buyouts
  • Capital Budgets
  • Analysis of Sales
  • Property Forecasts
  • Performance Projections

Investor Relations:

Excell Fund LLC believes that each client is a unique individual with needs and goals that differ from any of our other clients. We hope that you will contact us with any needs or concerns so that we can incorporate these enhancements to our way of doing business.

Financial Reporting:

Excell Fund LLC recognizes that financial reporting is crucial to good business. As such, we can provide clients with a vast array of tools to aid in decision making. From standard reports, such as, cash basis Income and Expense Statements, Proforma Cash Flow Statements, and Yearly Budgets to more sophisticated computer models for complex analysis our staff is capable of providing customized tools to meet individual investor needs.

In addition to the wealth of staff expertise, Excell Fund LLC works with 3rd-party Experts, such as real estate CPA's, Engineers, Architects, Brokers, Planners, Bankers, Contractors, etc.

We at Excell Fund LLC can help regardless of your goals. Whether you are interested in measuring a current real estate investment or analyzing a prospective real estate purchase, our staff is prepared to provide reports which will aid your decision making process.

Minimizing risk and maximizing returns are essential to a successful business venture and can be best assured through proper financial management. Excell Fund LLC stands poised and ready to assist our clients :

  • Create Opportunities
  • Measure Opportunities
  • Create Tools for gaining Opportunities
  • Forecast Future Potentials
  • Stay Informed
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