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SamplePicture04.jpgExcell Fund LLC will ...

1. Put the needs of the client first;

2. Keep informed of the most current available information about real estate, market movement, and other opportunities;

3. Perform the terms of the written agreement made with the client;

4. Exercise reasonable skill and care for the client;

5. Promote the interests of the client with the utmost good faith, loyalty, and fidelity including, but not limited to:

  • Seeking a price and terms which are acceptable to the client, except that we are not obligated to seek other properties while the client is a party to a contract to purchase a property;
  • Presenting all offers to and from the client in a timely manner, regardless of whether the client is already a party to a contract;
  • Disclosing to the client adverse material facts actually known by our Company;
  • Advising the client to obtain expert advice as to material matters about which our Company knows, but the specifics are beyond our expertise;
  • Accounting in a timely manner for all money and property received;
  • Informing the client that they may be vicariously liable for the acts of our Company when we are acting within the scope of the agency relationship.

  Excell Fund LLC may not disclose the following information without the consent of the client:

  • That the client is willing to pay more or accept less than the offered price for the property;
  • What the motivating factors are for the client;
  • That the client will agree to financing terms other than those offered;
  • Any material information about the client unless disclosure is required by law or failure to disclose such information would constitute fraud or dishonest dealing;
  • Any facts or suspicions which may psychologically impact or stigmatize a property.
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