Development   .

Our staff of professionals brings diverse backgrounds and education to their entrepreneurial focus. These attributes combined with hands on experience and in-depth market knowledge, strategically positions Excell Fund LLC Brokerage, to respond quickly to opportunities facilitating the highest potential for development.

In the real estate industry, where even the smallest of projects may exceed several million dollars, it has become increasingly important that investors join forces with a Developer who has resources available to effectively compete in the market. Excell Fund, LLC Brokerage has a reputation for quality and thoroughness, utilizing the latest in computer technology to aid in the analysis of prospective projects.

Although the concepts for developing properties vary as greatly as the number of developments that are completed each year, there are elements that do exist in all Excell Fund, LLC projects.

The following is Excell’s formula for success:

  • Analysis of Proposed Sites (both physically and financially)
  • Negotiation and Acquisition of Sites
  • Design and Engineering of Project
  • Re-Zoning/Annexation of Site
  • Obtaining Financing
  • Bidding and Construction Contracts
  • Money and Materials Management
  • Closing and Reconciliation of Accounts
  • Property Management
  • Marketing Project
  • Disbursement of Funds