Excell provides Property Management and Asset Management services on real estate properties, from raw land to shopping centers. As a property management company, we take care of every operational detail. We also customize plans to fit with the specific needs and the requirements for the property. It is important to Excell that we maintain the value of all assets, and property maintenance is an integral part of our comprehensive service. Attention to detail during property and asset management are an integral part of our value add philosophy.

Property management services may include:

  • Collecting rents and security deposits
  • Conducting move-in, move-out and periodic inspections
  • Sending notices to tenants
  • Settling disputes and dealing with tenant complaints
  • Paying mortgages, insurance and other property-related bills
  • Taxes scrutinized and disputed if necessary
  • Applying for and updating insurance as needed
  • File Insurance Claims
  • Handling rental violations and performing evictions
  • Managing maintenance, repairs and upgrades to properties
  • Follow through on any and all complaints & orchestrate repairs
  • Enforcement of warranties
  • Providing monthly accounting services
  • the gathering and preparation of Due Diligence materials
  • Perform reconciliations on CAM, tax and insurance ensuring no slippage of pass-thru expenses.

Excell also maintains a relationship with the tenants and their local, regional and national representatives, detailing annual CAM (Common Area Maintenance) charges to the tenant, monthly reporting, and evaluation of all lease requirements for both tenant and landlord.
Please contact us to discuss your Property Management Needs.